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We are in the process of establishing a Messianic Burial Society that will G-d willing eventually form a Messianic Chevra Kadisha. There are many customs around the topic of caring for the deceased and we are here to help you through it. Our society will consist of volunteers who will undergo training in the Jewish way of Death & Mourning and be able to help cleanse and prepare the body for the Funeral. In addition our volunteers will help with other preparations, such as mourning customs and prayer rites. When a loved one passes away you need a society that has everything in place and understands how to perform a “kosher” funeral, you and your loved ones will benefit from our service. The Messianic Burial Society does withhold its right to perform its services if peoples requests disagree with the normative practice in a Jewish funeral. We are instituting a standard that has existed for millennia and don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Our Services among others:

  • Supervision and administration of the deceased with the family towards Burial service.
  • Supervision at Grobbelaar’s Funeral Parlor:

 – Organizing Shmira – sitting with the deceased the first 24h by a
family member or friend between death and the funeral.
 – Oversee that the Correct Taharah; preparing the body for the
funeral, is followed.

  • Ritual supplies:

 – Tachrichim: Burial clothes as done in Judaism,
 – We do not supply Tallit (for Jewish men) and white cover sheet this
        should be supplied by the family. We will prepare the Tallit for burial

  • Rabbi or other Congregation representative conducting the funeral
  • Use of Synagogue facility if not at held at grave side
  • Ceremonial unveiling of the tomb stone (monument) after shloshim
  • Many more, outlined in the Audio Lectures


How to join:

This service is only available to our Members. As we are still starting up the Society, registration is free of charge. There is of coarse a fee for the services provided upon the request for a funeral. All you need to do is get in contact with us via email and let us know you would like to be a member. We will add you to our group and send you our audio lectures we presented when we started up the Society. These lectures will explain the various customs and how we will perform them. 

We have sat with various funeral parlors and come to a decision that Grobbelaar’s Funeral Services is best suited to provide our Society with respectable and functionary benefits toward our way of burial. They have provided us with a Congregational price structure that applies as soon as we can get 50 members to take out the policy. The policy details can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of this page.

Click on the file name to download: MBS Fee Structure (447kb)

Prepare ahead of time by preparing an Exit File with all your important docs in one place: Exit File (15kb)


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