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About Lada’at Hashem, Messianic Congregation in Pretoria.

Lada’at Hashem is a Messianic community in Pretoria, South Africa that embraces Messianic Judaism. We stand for Torah-centered lives that are Messiah orientated. We follow Messianic Jewish Halachah and Jewish tradition. We acknowledge the unique roles for both Jews & Gentiles in the body of Messiah and encourage mutual respect for each other.
Our goal is to provide our community with a fully functional Messianic Synagogue where they can attend prayer services, experience learning opportunities and become part of a Torah-based Family environment. We regularly host international speakers and Festival gatherings.

The majority of the people who attend Lada’at Hashem are not Jewish, rather they are Gentile believers who find value in a Jewish expression of their faith as they emulate the practices of the earliest form of Christianity among the Apostles. In early Messianic Judaism both Jews and Gentiles worshiped together in the Synagogue ensuring that Yeshua’s teaching is best understood in the context of Judaism and a Torah world-view. We aim to establish a similar environment at Lada’at Hashem. We believe in Jesus of Nazareth as the promised Messiah and in His divine nature, virgin birth, death, resurrection, ascension and future return.

We believe the entire Torah is still binding upon Jews as was common among Yeshua and His disciples, and that Gentiles are not obligated to keep it to the same extent, rather they have their own unique place of responsibility in the body of Messiah to express their faith in the Jewish environment as put forward in Acts 15.

At Lada’at Hashem we have a zeal for truth and this moulds the way we shape our community to replicate the faith of the earliest believers in Yeshua and the expression of that faith in everyday life. We will continually strive to glorify God to the best of our ability by showing love for one another and letting our love be a witness that we are disciples of Yeshua the Messiah.

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