Kitchen Rules:

To download our explanation of the Shul’s kitchen rules please click on the file -> kitchen 2016 (313kb)


Discretion in appearance and speech is
designed to protect our souls from assault
by a coarse world. Modesty is
About More than What One Wears
Tz’ni’us means discreet habits, quiet
speech, and affections privately expressed,
and infers the avoidance of
grossness, boisterous laughter, raucous
behaviour, even “loud” ornaments. This
is not merely a series of behavioural niceties,
a sort of Bible’s guide to etiquette,
but a philosophy of life. ( Maurice Lamm —
The Jewish way in Death & Mourning)

We encourage all visitors to learn the laws of Modesty/Tznius and enact it when visiting our Shul. We don’t force any dress code on people but we have a standard set by Judaism that we hope everyone can use as a guideline.

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