Welcome to Lada'at Hashem, Messianic Jewish Congregation in Pretoria.

  Service Times

Saturday 9:30am - 12:00pm.

Wednesday Zoom Classes - 7pm

If you are New, read through our Guide for New Visitors HERE


Messianic Judaism

Lada'at Hashem aims to be a thoroughly Messianic Jewish Congregation, not running after uninformed theologies and teachings, but focusing on solid foundational principles.

Gentile Inclusion

We see the equal importance of Gentiles in the Kingdom and respect the different roles applicable between Jew & Gentile.

Eyes on Yeshua

Our focus is firmly based on Yeshua and His teachings, walking in the footsteps of our Messiah.

Future Endeavours

We want to continue growing with future projects such as building a Kosher Mikvah, Obtaining another Torah Scroll & appointing a Messianic Rabbi.